We are mathematicians at St Margaret Ward.

We teach Mathematics because it introduces children to concepts, skills and thinking strategies that are essential in everyday life and it supports children in other learning across the breadth of the curriculum.

It helps children make sense of the numbers, patterns and shapes they see in the world around them, offers ways of handling data in an increasingly digital world and makes a crucial contribution to their development as successful learners.

Maths is a truly universal skill, our use of technology and maths enables children to work with others around the world, providing them with motivations and competitions they might not otherwise access. Maths at SMW increases a growth mindset way of thinking about problems, the joy of maths is understanding that some problems cannot be solved.

Our Maths Policy gives more details about how we teach maths at St Margaret Ward.

For parents, you may be unfamiliar with some of the methods children are taught in class. Our Calculation Policy below can help your understanding of this.

Our Long-Term Plan for Maths below shows what the children are focusing on each half-term in the different year groups. Children will also re-visit these topics in smaller chunks throughout the year.

Our Progression Map for Maths shows how children build on their knowledge as they move through the year groups. Further down the page is a Progression Map (vocabulary) that specifically outlines the mathematical terms children are expected to know in each year group.