Here at St Margaret Ward we teach History because it is essential for understanding the past, present and future, as well as helping us to determine our decisions now and later in life.

By developing children’s knowledge of History, we enable them to construct an outlook on their own lives and explore the countless opportunities that are possible for them.

The children at St Margaret Ward are able to dream bigger and begin the path of fulfilling their ambitions.

By teaching History, we facilitate thoughts of wonder, inquisitive thinking and offer a better understanding of the world we live in today.

Throughout each year group, every child develops a range of transferable skills including critical thinking, historical enquiry and understanding of core concepts such as cause and consequence.

Our children are given the opportunity to learn about ancient civilisations all the way up to the historical figures and events in the 20th Century.

This broad range of knowledge facilitates the discussion of morals and ethics in the context of the modern world.

History lessons at St Margaret Ward are learnt through role-play, presentations, internet research and Design Technology – with the enrichment of school trips and artefact exploration. These are just some of the many exciting ways that the children engage with our History topics.