Outdoor Learning and Forest Schools

We promote outdoor learning at St Margaret Ward to ensure our pupils have a love for nature and the outdoors.

We hope to instil in our pupils the importance of taking care of our environment and recognise that their contribution can make a huge difference.

Learning about local habitats, plants, animals and taking responsibility for the school grounds will hopefully ensure that in the future they are responsible adults aware of wider environmental issues.

Learning outside also gives children the freedom to move which often benefits those that may find more academic subjects challenging.

It encourages communication through problem solving activities and teamwork to ensure a task is completed. The freedom to run and talk whilst being involved in a task allows pupils to work creatively without the restraints of a classroom.

The learning takes place either in Forest Schools sessions with members of the 'We Are Adventurers' team or as part of lessons in other areas of the curriculum. The Forest Schools sessions are also linked to topics being taught in class.

No matter what the weather the children love being outside, and so at St Margaret Ward, we try to utilise this to develop social skills, communication, behaviour and understanding of the world.