Online Safety

We can’t always protect our children from every danger online, but we can reduce the risk and help them respond in the best way if something does happen.  
Above all, it is vital that children are encouraged to talk to adults about anything they see or hear online that makes them feel uncomfortable.
We constantly stress this in school. 

For parents unsure about how to approach this, we would recommend 7 questions to help you start a conversation with your child about online safety

To further help parents, we have added links to various 'What parents need to know about...." guides for various platforms. These and more can also be viewed on the   National Online Safety website.

What parents need to know about:


Also here is a guide to screen addiction.


To help be positive online, you may find this useful: 14 ways to be kind online.

Please note, we are not advocating the use of these games or apps as many have an age limit which is above primary-school age. However, if you do choose for your child to access them, then it is important for you to have as much information as possible about potential dangers.

School have also produced a leaflet which helps parents to set restrictions on iphones and ipads. This allows you to monitor and control what apps/sites your child can access and for how long.