We are geographers and environmentalists at St Margaret Ward. 

We teach Geography at St Margaret Ward to inspire a love of our world. Geography develops a curiosity and understanding about how the world has changed for the people and animals that call it home.

We work together to help pupils to increase their knowledge about diverse places and people as well as developing a deep understanding of natural and human environments, and, physical and human processes.

As the children progress through the school, their growing knowledge deepens their understanding of the interaction between the physical and human aspects of geography and secures a lifelong sense of responsibility for their actions in relation to the impact on the world.

The learning in geography is supported at St Margaret Ward by the work done by the Eco-Warriors and School Council, especially in terms of improving our environment and watching it change over time.

Our Geography Policy (click on the link) gives more detail about how geography is taught at St Margaret Ward.

In addition, below is our long-term plan for geography, showing what is taught  in the different year groups as part of the National Curriculum. It is largely structured so that each year group does a local, national and worldwide study. 

The SMW Geography curriculum is sequenced so that children build on previous learning. 

The Progression Map below (covering EYFS to Year 6) outlines how they develop their understanding of locational knowledge (where places are); place knowledge (what places are like); human and physical geography; geography skills and fieldwork; and sustainability.