Other Clubs

Our clubs vary throughout the year and include - 


Colour & Chat  is for children in KS1 who want to come along, colour in and chat with their friend.

This is a drop in session one lunchtime per week so the children can come each week or as a one-off if they feel like it! 

Sewing Club  We offer pop up Sewing Groups throughout the year for children in Year 5 & Year 6. The lunch time club is offered to children of all abilities.    

Coding Club  Code Club UK is a nationwide network of volunteers and educators who run free coding clubs for young people aged 9-13.

In our club the children have mostly been looking at Scratch but some are already looking at HTML! Eventually we are hoping to use the Python programming language and look at cool devices like the Raspberry Pi and BBC micro:bit.

Chess Club Proving to be popular is  our Year 6 & Year 5 Chess Club which is weekly during the winter period.  All abilities from beginners through to accomplished players are warmly welcomed!  

Science Club   takes place in the Spring Term the children from KS1 & KS2 are invited to attend. They discuss current issues and will plan and carry out scientific experiments. This year, the children have looked at pollution. 

Gardening Club During the Spring term, a group of our Year 6 children will be growing their own carrots, onions, leeks and potatoes. They then hope to use their home grown produce to prepare and cook tasty meals for sharing with the rest of the class.

Meditation Club is an opportunity for the children to take time out for meditation and mindfulness at lunchtime.

Eco Warriors  is a group is run by Mrs Law and is made up of two representatives from each class. They meet on the first and last Friday of each half term. They also get together at other times, for example when they are invited to plant bulbs and shrubs on the Sale West estate.


If you have a special interest or hobby you would like to share with the children, please get in touch with our School Office on 0161 969 9852.