We teach Science at SMW because we want to enhance children’s natural curiosity, engagement and excitement about our wonderful world and beyond.

Science provides children with a dynamic opportunity to explore and investigate expressively, developing key life skills whilst learning. As a school, we have come together to develop our own important scientific principles.

Science is vital across all parts of life, therefore we aim to encourage the children to value its connection to our lives and its importance for our future. At SMW, we provide opportunities for the children to work both independently and collaboratively in order to ask questions and discover answers through investigative tasks.

Through using different types of scientific enquiry, the children are able to gather, record, compare and interpret data to make reasoned conclusions, deepening their understanding of the world.

By providing the children with essential scientific knowledge and experiences, through relevant and real life contexts, they are able to explain and justify their views on important scientific issues.

Together, the knowledge, skills and experiences gained through science encourage the children to flourish into confident and successful learners.