St Margaret Ward Catholic Primary School is a place where the Spirit of Christ lives through us and in us. 

Our Catholic Life blog illustrates many of the wonderful events which take place in our school on a daily basis in classrooms, assemblies and in the wider community.

You can also view details of our Sacramental Programme in a separate section of our website.

In addition, here are some more of the many other ways in which the Catholic Life of our school is celebrated every year.

Crowning of Our Lady's Statue

May is traditionally the month when we especially pray to and honour Our Lady and so on the first day of the month, we hold a special service in the hall to celebrate together as a school family.

The service is led by children in Year 5 who share a Bible story and prayers about Mary. It is moving to see all the children sign as well as sing the Hail Mary.

Each child is asked to bring a flower which they carry in procession and as the children sing hymns, our school statue of Our Lady is crowned with flowers by two of our Year 3 children who will shortly be making their First Communion. We thank Mary for all she does for us and ask her to continue to guide and bless us.

 Easter Service

Our Easter Reflection is always a very moving and spiritual experience for all present. The Reflection is a re-enactment of the events of Holy Week leading up to the joyful story of the Resurrection on Easter Sunday.

Well done to the actors and readers from Year 4 who move everyone with their emotional performance and to all the Key Stage 2 children for their wonderful singing.

Visiting the Marist Centre

Our children enjoy visiting the Marist Centre in Chorlton. The focus for Year 3 is 'Reconciliation' and for Year 6 it is 'Moving On' and during these days of reflection, the children enthusiastically embrace all aspects of the programme.

One Year 6 pupil said, "My favourite part of the day was doing the role play, as we got to dress up in funny costumes and work together as a team."

Year 4 and 5 pupil also visit the Marist Centre each year for a day's retreat. 

Year 6 and Reception Buddies Mass

The children in Year 6 and their buddies in Reception join together to celebrate Mass each year.

They ask for God's blessings on the school community and the theme of the mass is Friendship. The children in Reception read brilliantly and appreciate the support of their buddies in Year 6.

Not only is this a great opportunity to reflect school and spiritual values, but it also highlights the importance of the buddy system as a way of developing confidence and friendships between pupils.

Nursery and Year 5 children now also buddy up, and they celebrate their friendship during a service later in the year.

Other year groups also celebrate Class Masses, led by Father Ned and attended by parents, grandparents and parishioners.

KS2 Advent Service

The children in Year 5 lead a beautiful Advent service for the rest of the school and parish community. Through their acting, they tell the story of Christmas in a reverent and emotional way. The children in Years 3, 4 and 6 have the important job of leading the singing - this is always done in an inspiring and joyous manner.

Later in Advent, the whole school and Parish community come together to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Children from all classes lead the reading and the singing is awesome.

Advent Stations

Year 6 prepared Advent Stations for the children in Upper Key Stage 2. They work hard as a team to consider how their station would contribute to the spiritual journey that their classmates were participating in during the season of Advent.

The children in Year 5 and Year 6, as well as staff members, embrace this opportunity to reflect and pray during this special time.

Fundraising during Advent and Lent

The children, staff and wider school community respond wonderfully to our fundraising activities, especially during the seasons of Advent and Lent.

In Advent, we traditionally support the Sudan Baby Appeal in partnership with our local SVP group. Last year, we raised enough money to feed 11 babies for a whole year in the north-eastern African country. After our Christmas Mass, 11 stars were then placed on our Christmas tree by the children, representing each baby who had been helped. We also collected tins and food items which were then delivered to the Trafford Food bank for distribution to people in the Sale West area.

During Lent, children in the school council decided to hold an 'own clothes day' and talent show in aid of CAFOD. The children in year 5 and 6 sang, danced, played instruments and told jokes, to name just a few of the acts that took part. The rest of the school enjoyed watching the talented children.

Our school council children also sold Creme Egg knitted chicks for £1 in aid of Francis House, raising almost £300 from this initiative alone.

Harvest Collection

During our Harvest Assembly, we are reminded of all the good things that God gives us and how important it is to share with others who are not so fortunate. Thank you to everyone who responded to our appeal for tins and food items for Cornerstone, the Day Centre which provides clothes, meals and support to the homeless in Manchester.